Former Dallas Cowboy Tells It Like It Is:
"I Suspected 9/11 Was A False
Flag Attack From The Beginning"

By Jack Blood

November 6th, 2007

From Pat Tillman, to 911, to the Oklahoma City Bombings, Ron Paul
and Iraq...This legendary offensive lineman now blocks for the truth

Future NFL Hall of Famer, Mark Stepnoski, recently received some internet buzz for a ubiquitous article in the Erie Times News and his interview add-on supporting the 9-11 truth movement. On November 6, 2007 Jack Blood interviewed Mark Stepnoski about his beliefs on what happened that day, September 11, 2001, on his syndicated daily radio show, Deadline Live, on November 6, 2007.

Mark Stepnoski's pro career in the NFL was spent with the Dallas Cowboys (1989-1994, 1999-2000), and the Houston Oilers (1995-1998). Stepnoski won two Super Bowls while with the Cowboys and was a five time Pro Bowler, attending the game from 1992 through 1996. Also notable among his achievements are the contributions he made to help Emmitt Smith become the all time rushing champion of the NFL.

This was the first time Stepnoski acknowledged his beliefs that the government has lied to us, the people, about what happened on 9-11 on talk radio.

Stepnoski, who is extremely well read and advocates literacy in America, went on to give a long list of book reviews from the most well know researchers in the 9-11 truth movement. Webster Tarpley, Peter Dale Scott, Nafeez Ahmed, and Mike Ruppert were mentioned among others. He praised 911 blogger.com as a central portal for information about 9-11 and a historical perspective of false flag terrorism, and discussed meeting William Rodriguez - a man decorated by President Bush as a hero on 911, and who has for many years toured the world as a 911 Truth Icon.

Stepnoski also elaborated on his support for Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul, discussed the conspiracy centered around the Oklahoma City bombings, and the propaganda surrounding the death of Pat Tillman, a patriotic NFL superstar who was shot and killed in Afghanistan by his own men and used for propaganda and as a recruitment poster by the Bush administration.

"At The time I seriously thought to myself…Is this an act of a foreign government? Or is this a False Flag attack by the Military" said Stepnoski who added into the conversation several points that indicate an inside job. Building 7 and the fact that no steel building had ever fallen from fire, yet on 911 three had accomplished this feat. The insider trading, or "put options" that took place before 911 also concerned Mr. Stepnoski.

Of course, Bill O'Leilly, Sean Vanity and the people at NFLcentric, bread and circus centric, Orwellotron Faux news network will say that Mark Stepnoski is an offensive lineman and therefore has no right to read, speak or think. That he's just a dumb animal who was owned by one of the many billionaires in sports franchise today. That he took too many shots to the head. That he once knew a guy who took steroids that he owned a pit bull or that he knew someone who owned a pit bull. That he smoked too much weed, and that he is a citizen of crazy town. But Stepnoski can cut block any ad homonym attack by relying on the resources of the facts which are widely known by at least fifty percent of America as the polls prove. Mark Stepnoski should be a hero amongst all sports fans and truth fans everywhere and besides, he's too big to argue with.

To listen to this extraordinary interview click player below.

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