Old Media Leader CNN's 'The McRomney Show'

January 31, 2008
CNN billed it as a "debate" but it was really just a showcase for McCain and Romney to bicker and argue amongst themselves about irrelevant issues. It was CNN's McRomney show. The old media has already made up its mind about who the so called "front runners" are, and they are attempting to brainwash the general public. But the old media is not all powerful. Remember, tonight's show used to be called the Rudy McRomney show. What ever happened to that guy? For all its efforts, the old media couldn't get us to swallow Rudy as anything more than just a fringe candidate. People, the old media isn't going to do it for us. In fact -- as you can see -- they're going to actively resist us. We have to be Ron Paul's media, going door to door and talking to people about Ron Paul.   Full Story

Sibel Edmonds: 'Buckle Up,
There's Much More Coming'

January 30, 2008
The heroic whistleblower on nuclear secrets corruption at the highest levels attacks the cowardly U.S. press and warns she has much more to reveal. Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds stumbled into a world of espionage, nuclear black market, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and corruption at the highest levels of the US government. I interviewed Sibel yesterday regarding the current investigation and reporting by the Times, the failures of the US media, and last week's decision by the Bush administration to legalize the sale of nuclear technology to Turkey, in an apparent to exonerate prior criminal activity by officials in his administration.   Full Story

Don't Even Think About It

January 30, 2008
Largely ignored by the mainstream candidates-as well as the mainstream media-are the latest efforts to bring the fear home by targeting "homegrown terrorism"-another new catchphrase. Only liberal Democrat Dennis Kucinich and libertarian Republican Ron Paul have warned that in the name of stopping domestic terrorist plots before they happen, Congress is in the midst of passing legislation aimed not at actual hate crimes or even terrorist conspiracies, but at talking, Web surfing, or even thinking about jihadism or other "extremist belief systems." Last October, a piece of legislation called the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 sailed through the House with near-universal bipartisan support; it is likely to reach the floor of the Senate early this year and appears certain to be signed into law.   Full Story

John F. Kennedy Jr.: Evidence Of A Cover Up

January 30, 2008
Let's get something clear. The purpose of this article is not to suggest an alternative explanation for the crash of JFK Jr's plane. The purpose of this article is to suggest that it is reasonable and prudent to examine all possibilities, not settle on the first explanation forced upon the public to the exclusion of all else. We live in a time of very unpleasant realities. Truth has become such a valuable commodity that the government of the United States and the media have started (to put it politely) economizing it. Documented cases of media deception over the years have made it clear that the media lies to the public on important issues. As Richard Salent, Former President of CBS News has stated, media's job is to feed the public what media thinks the public ought to know. Clearly, anything that happens that the media doesn't think the public needs to know about will simply not be reported. By way of example, let's take a look at the JFK assassination. For years, the government and the media sang a uniform chorus of "lone assassin" and "Magic Bullet", even though careful analysis showed that the media was using fraudulent photos to sell these claims.   Full Story

US Recession Will Dwarf Dotcom Crash

January 30, 2008
The slowdown will cause a damaging regulation backlash as governments attempt to compensate for the financial pain facing families. Britain faces a similar plight, though it may avoid as deep a slowdown as the US. The views of Stephen Roach, one of the world's leading economists, now heading the Asian wing of Morgan Stanley, would have seemed outrageous at last year's World Economic Forum. It is a sign of the times that they are now close to the consensus. This year's event has been dominated by discussions of the stock market slump on both sides of the Atlantic, the Federal Reserve's emergency interest rate cut and the SocGen fraud disaster.   Full Story

Chicago Study Calls Taser's Safety Claims Into Question

January 30, 2008
Taser stun guns may not be as safe as their manufacturer claims, according to a study carried out by Chicago researchers, CBC News has learned. The team of doctors and scientists at the trauma centre in Chicago's Cook County hospital stunned 11 pigs with Taser guns in 2006, hitting their chests with 40-second jolts of electricity, pausing for 10 to 15 seconds, then hitting them for 40 more seconds. When the jolts ended, every animal was left with heart rhythm problems, the researchers said. Two of the animals died from cardiac arrest, one three minutes after receiving a shock.   Full Story

Fox News Is In For A Very Rough 2008

January 30, 2008
My guess is that Fox News guru Roger Ailes has been reaching for the Tums more often than usual early in the New Year, and there are lots of reasons for the hovering angst. Bottom line is that Fox News is in for a very rough 2008. And the umbrella reason for that is quite simple: Eight years ago the all-news cable channel went all-in on the presidency of George Bush and became a broadcast partner with the White House. Proof of that was on display Sunday night, January 27, during Fox News' prime-time, "Fighting to the Finish," an "historic documentary" on the final year of Bush's presidency. Filmed in HD and featuring "unprecedented access," according to the Fox News press release, the show was pure propaganda.   Full Story

It's Time To Hold Democratic
House Leaders In Contempt

January 28, 2008
Like many of us, after having watched helplessly as the Bush administration trampled the Constitution and made a mockery of checks and balances over the course of five bitter years, I was hopeful when the American people elected a Democratic Congress in November of 2006. Finally, I imagined, we would have a whiff of legality and the hint of a restoration of the rule of law in the land. Perhaps we would even have congressional committees to oversee the administration's subversions of the rule of law and investigate the wide range of abuses that it had perpetrated since 2001. There has been a bit of movement - which is why the thousands of Americans I have met who are appalled at these abuses but feel powerless to raise their voices effectively should take heart, but not stop their fight.   Full Story

Study Documents Nearly 1,000 Lies
From Iraq War Propaganda Campaign

January 28, 2008
The systematic propaganda campaign waged by the Bush administration with the full collaboration of the mass media to drag the American people into a war of aggression has been newly documented by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI). The Washington-based, non-profit public policy journalism organization this week released a large database of the lies top government officials used to terrorize the US public into accepting the 2003 invasion of Iraq. President George W. Bush, Vice-President Richard Cheney, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. On these 935 separate occasions, the database's authors write in their introduction, officials "stated unequivocally that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (or was trying to produce or obtain them), links to Al Qaeda, or both.   Full Story

New Hampshire Recount - Urgent Action Required

January 28, 2008
Due to the obvious fraud which occurred during the New Hampshire primary earlier this month, the fabulous Granny Warriors mobilized and not only found a GOP candidate who cares about the actual vote count, but raised an enormous amount of money in record time to get a recount underway in the state. It would take several columns to go over step by step what a phenomenal job the Granny Warriors, Eric and Mr. Albert Howard have done to get the recount officially sanctioned. We all owe them a huge thank you and we also need to do our part NOW because what's happened since the recount was set to begin, has not only been reprehensible, those responsible in the Secretary of State's office need to be held accountable. Where do things stand as of today? According to what Eric was told on January 25, 2008, the process will move forward with no delays. This from personnel who have done nothing but play games for one day shy of three weeks from the pretend primary while the clock is ticking. There can be NO more delays. The horse and pony production called "Super Tuesday," February 5, 2008, where 22 states will be participating is closing in on those of us who want Ron Paul to win the GOP nomination this summer. We cannot take the SOS's (Secretary of State) word for anything at this point, we must act now.   Full Story

Crossing Mayor Giuliani Often Had A Price

January 23, 2008
Rudolph W. Giuliani likens himself to a boxer who never takes a punch without swinging back. As mayor, he made the vengeful roundhouse an instrument of government, clipping anyone who crossed him. In August 1997, James Schillaci, a rough-hewn chauffeur from the Bronx, dialed Mayor Giuliani's radio program on WABC-AM to complain about a red-light sting run by the police near the Bronx Zoo. When the call yielded no results, Mr. Schillaci turned to The Daily News, which then ran a photo of the red light and this front page headline: "GOTCHA!" That morning, police officers appeared on Mr. Schillaci's doorstep. What are you going to do, Mr. Schillaci asked, arrest me? He was joking, but the officers were not. They slapped on handcuffs and took him to court on a 13-year-old traffic warrant. A judge threw out the charge.   Full Story

Senate Delays Eavesdropping Vote

January 25, 2008
The Senate on Thursday signaled support for granting legal immunity to telecommunications companies that helped the government conduct warrantless eavesdropping, a sign that the contentious provision may be headed for approval next week. On a strong 60-36 vote, senators rejected an amendment that would have killed the immunity provision and strengthened the powers of a secret court to oversee the surveillance of phone calls and e-mails that involve people inside the United States. Further action on the legislation was delayed until Monday, pushing Congress closer to a Feb. 1 deadline for enacting a new law. If a new law is not signed by the president by then, some eavesdropping practices that are now legal would be prohibited.   Full Story

Ron Paul Takes Second In Louisiana Caucuses

January 24, 2008
The Louisiana GOP is reporting a second place showing for Congressman Ron Paul who was bested by John McCain. Technically, uncommited, pro-life took more delegates than anyone, but this has got to be music to the ears of Ron Paul and his supporters. “Preliminary results show that a majority of the 105 state convention delegates who have been elected ran on a statewide pro-life uncommitted slate,” Villere said. “I congratulate the candidates and supporters of this group on their victory and look forward to working with them to keep our Party platform pro-life at the state and national conventions,” he said. Delegate candidates endorsed by US Senator John McCain (R-AZ) appear to have won more state convention delegate positions than any other presidential slate at the Louisiana Caucuses. Supporters of Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) appear to have captured the next highest number of delegate positions.   Full Story

Some Huckabee Aides Forgoing Paychecks

January 24, 2008
Republican Mike Huckabee said Tuesday his presidential campaign is facing financial difficulties with top advisers working without pay and some aides quitting. The former Arkansas governor promised to remain in the race through next Tuesday's Florida primary, telling about 50 people, mostly University of Florida fraternity members: "We are taking a look at everything daily. But we will be here every day in Florida until next week." Huckabee planned to attend a private fundraiser. In an interview earlier Tuesday in Atlanta, adviser Ed Rollins said top advisers are working without pay and some have left. "Most people are staying on," but a few have departed, Rollins said. "A number of people, including myself," have agreed to forgo their pay to spend as much as possible on television ads in vital states.   Full Story

Thompson Drops Out Of GOP Presidential Race

January 23, 2008
Republican Fred Thompson, the actor-politician who attracted more attention as a potential presidential candidate than as a real one, quit the race for the White House on Tuesday after a string of poor finishes in early primary and caucus states. "I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort," Thompson said. "Jeri and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and friendship of so many wonderful people." Thompson's fate was sealed last Saturday in the South Carolina primary, when he finished third in a state that he had said he needed to win. In the statement, Thompson did not say whether he would endorse any of his former rivals.   Full Story

Huckabee Broke

January 23, 2008
Less than a month after a huge upset victory, and promises that fundraising would be ramped up, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is asking his senior staff to keep working for him without pay, while lower level campaign staff are seeing their salaries cut dramatically or eliminated altogether. "The goal is to get a leaner, meaner campaign structure moving into Super Tuesday," says a senior campaign adviser. But many of those being asked to take the cut are refusing, and walking away, leaving the campaign with holes to fill. "The money simply hasn't come in at the rate that we expected," says the aide. "Florida is a $7 million commitment that we can't meet, and if we did, that leaves us exposed for Super Tuesday, where we have a lot of states and a lot media buys. We had to make tough decisions."
Full Story

Rudy Giuliani's Losing Ways
Continue Against Ron Paul

January 22, 2008
What do Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul have in common? Neither has won a primary or caucus, the difference being that Giuliani was expected to challenge and even win the Republican nomination while Paul has been labeled as a fringe candidate with no chance of winning. With a second place finish in Nevada, Paul is building momentum for Florida and Super Tuesday. Giuliani is going in the opposite direction and is staking his whole campaign on winning Florida, but he is fading fast. As a result of his poor showings, his national support is also eroding and Florida is shaping up o be a dog fight. After Nevada and South Carolina, Duncan Hunter has decided to drop out of the race. On February fifth, Super Tuesday will further make or break the candidates, which could see the field dwindle down even more, and this could very well include Giuliani.   Full Story

Black Monday: Recession Fears
Spark Global Share Crash

January 22, 2008
Fears that 2008 will see the looming recession in the US spreading to every other continent triggered a global crash in share prices yesterday, wiping £77bn off the value of the City's blue-chip stocks in the biggest one-day points fall in London's history. On a day of panic selling, hefty overnight falls on far eastern stock markets prompted a ripple effect through Europe and left the City's FTSE 100 index down 323.5 points at 5578.2 at the close. Since the start of the year share prices have dropped by 14%, with the near 900-point fall in the FTSE 100 wiping out all the gains of the last 18 months and putting renewed pressure on pension funds. Yesterday's 5.48% fall was the biggest in percentage terms since the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks but less than half as big as the record 12.2% drop in October 1987.   Full Story

Shall We Do The Time Warp Again?

January 22, 2008
The parallels between today's market and those preceding the 1987 Crash are several -- and disturbing. Then, the dollar was in a free fall against foreign currencies. Today, as well. And then, as now, the U.S. government showed no signs of being particularly concerned. Furthermore, over the October 1987 weekend prior to what would eventually become known as Black Monday, foreign stock markets plunged. The same is happening today too. It was obvious to almost everyone, prior to the market's opening on Oct. 19, 1987, that the Dow would have a terrible day. And sure enough, it did, losing 508 points. U.S. stock markets likewise appear poised to have just as big a point loss this time around. Of course, the DJIA today is at a much higher level than in 1987. So this benchmark would have to drop more than 2,700 points on Tuesday to match the percentage loss from the 1987 Crash. This contrast may prove to be only small solace to beleaguered investors, though.   Full Story

New Hampshire Recount: No Chain Of Custody

January 21, 2008
The "seals" are not seals. The "chain of custody" is not a chain of custody. Ballots being transported by the "state police" are actually transported by Butch and Hoppy, who are not employed by the state police. Butch and Hoppy's real names are not really Butch and Hoppy. In New Hampshire, it's all hidden in plain sight. If you are on the home page of Black Box Voting, click "more" to see a brief photo essay for how this all works.   More

FBI Denies File Exposing Nuclear Secrets Theft

January 21, 2008
The FBI has been accused of covering up a key case file detailing evidence against corrupt government officials and their dealings with a network stealing nuclear secrets. The assertion follows allegations made in The Sunday Times two weeks ago by Sibel Edmonds, an FBI whistleblower, who worked on the agency’s investigation of the network. Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency’s Washington field office. She says the FBI was investigating a Turkish and Israeli-run network that paid high-ranking American officials to steal nuclear weapons secrets. These were then sold on the international black market to countries such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.   Full Story

Let Sibel Edmonds Speak

January 21, 2008
Sibel Edmonds is the most gagged person in US history. The government has repeatedly invoked the State Secrets Privilege in her case - not for reasons of 'national security' but to hide ongoing criminal activity. Please call Waxman and Conyers' offices and demand public open hearings into Edmonds' case and the State Secrets Privilege.   Full Story
Sibel Edmonds: FBI Investigations Thwarted

MLK: Letter From A Birmingham Jail

January 21, 2008
Dear Friends - If you have not read it before, today is an excellent time to do so. The first paragraph is here, and you can continue reading by clicking read more link. While confined here in the Birmingham city jail, I came across your recent statement calling my present activities "unwise and untimely." Seldom do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas. If I sought to answer all the criticisms that cross my desk, my secretaries would have little time for anything other than such correspondence in the course of the day, and I would have no time for constructive work. But since I feel that you are men of genuine good will and that your criticisms are sincerely set forth, I want to try to answer your statements in what I hope will be patient and reasonable terms.   Full Story
Why "They" Killed King

Paul Happy With Second In Nevada

January 20, 2008
Texas Rep. Ron Paul said his second-place finish in Nevada's GOP presidential caucuses on Saturday showed his message is being heard and that he has more supporters than he thought. "Millions of people have heard this message and this is why coming in second is very great, it sends a great message," Paul said to loud cheers. He conceded that South Carolina's primary, where he was running a distant fifth, was not his to win. Paul took several swipes at former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who got fewer votes than Paul in Nevada and was trailing Paul in returns being tabulated Saturday night in South Carolina. He told the audience about a confrontation with Giuliani during this month's debate in South Carolina. He said Giuliani "cut me down." "Tonight, if this is the final tally on that confrontation, we got three times as much vote as the mayor got," he said, referring to Nevada. Paul collected four delegates from the Nevada caucus to Giuliani's one. Paul's campaign supports low taxes and reduced government spending.   
MSNBC Discusses Ron Paul's 2nd Place Finish In NV

Nevada GOP Dismisses Paul Complaint

January 20, 2008
Ron Paul, other than Mitt Romney the only Republican actively campaigning for Saturday's Republican caucuses in Nevada, called this afternoon for the state party to consider postponing the contest due to "multiple inconsistencies." But the state Republican Party immediately dismissed the allegations and said the caucus would go on as planned. "We would hope that the Paul campaign would go act like adults and not try to set up straw men to make up for their lack of organizing," said Steve Wark, a caucus spokesman. The Paul campaign complained that voters have received postcards with incorrect caucus locations, that eligibility requirements to participate have been changed several times, and that several rural counties could run out of ballots. "The inconsistencies, errors and multiple changes in the rules reek of playing politics with the what should be a neutral process," said campaign manager Lew Moore said in a statement. "The people of Nevada deserve to know exactly what the rules are and to know that those rules are being fairly enforced. This has not happened up to this point, and the caucus appears to be in chaos."
Full Story

Good News For The Long Haul
They Are Out Of Money!

January 16, 2008
Reporters discussed this on CNN: McCain is out of money. Guilani is asking staff to work for free. Huckabee is out of money. Thompson is running on fumes Only Romney and Ron Paul can sustain momentum for much longer. Romney can continue by spending his personal fortune. Ron Paul can continue due to that huge support base that keeps giving him money bombs (thats you!). Crazy like a fox! Ron Paul has a good chance in the long haul when you look at the money issue. Keep the process going for Dr Paul by contributing on the 21st.

Diebold Voting Machine Failures Found
Across State During New Hampshire Primary

January 14, 2008
Early research into New Hampshire wards and towns which used Diebold's AccuVote Optical-Scan voting machines during last week's Primary reveals that chronic problems continue with the company's infamous paper-ballot voting machines. As well, the preliminary investigation reveals a great deal of confusion and conflicting information from local election clerks and a high-ranking official in the state Attorney General's office regarding protocols and security procedures for voting systems and memory cards, and how they are to be handled during Election Day failures. All four counties I contacted on January 10th that had used Diebold's electronic machines last week reported problems during the election with the machines. Two other calls that same day turned out to have been to areas where electronic voting is not in use, where hand counts are done instead. If the small sampling is any indication, a statewide study would likely reveal that voting machines failed many times during the 2008 Presidential Primary across the entire state.   Full Story

The Real Lincoln

January 14, 2008
As for the Gettysburg Address, H.L. Mencken put it quite truly when he said it was one of the most beautiful prose poems in the English language, but added that the trouble was it was the South, not the North, that was fighting for a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Lincoln practically imposed a dictatorship on the Northern states, closed down nearly 300 newspapers and had thousands of people arrested. Any critic of his administration or the war was dubbed a traitor. Virtually everything he did was unconstitutional. And his administration was corrupt. All Americans need to know the true history of their country, for the country we live in today is a product of that history, not of the fictional history.   Full Story

Candidates Push For A N.H. Recount

January 14, 2008
Could New Hampshire be headed for Florida redux? Just three days after Tuesday's primary election, the New Hampshire Secretary of State's office says it will conduct a hand recount of the votes in both the Republican and Democratic primaries starting next Wednesday after receiving formal requests from two candidates this week. On Friday, Albert Howard, an obscure candidate from Ann Arbor, Mich., who appeared on the Republican ballot and received 44 votes in the primary, hand-delivered his recount request and a down payment of $2,000 to the statehouse in Concord, N.H. And Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio Congressman and presidential candidate, sent a letter to the New Hampshire Secretary of State asking for a recount of the Democratic ballots.   Full Story

U.S. Issues National ID Standards,
Setting Stage For A Showdown

January 14, 2008
The federal government issued national standards on Friday that states would have to meet in order for driver's licenses they issue to qualify as identification at airports and federal buildings, setting the stage for a confrontation with states that have voted not to cooperate. Under a measure known as Real ID legislation, the states must comply by May 11, the third anniversary of the measure's enactment, or obtain a waiver from the Department of Homeland Security. Meeting the May 11 deadline is impossible because the regulations have been delayed so long, but Michael Chertoff, the secretary of homeland security, said Friday that his department would issue a waiver to states that promised to comply later. He laid out a very long schedule, with the final deadline in December 2017, more than 16 years after the events that prompted the law, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Several states have voted not to comply. One is Washington, where the chairwoman of the Senate's transportation committee, when asked what difference the new federal rules would make, said, "None."   Full Story
The National ID Card (Out There TV - May 2005)

FBI Finds Blackwater Trucks Patched

January 14, 2008
Blackwater Worldwide repaired and repainted its trucks immediately after a deadly September shooting in Baghdad, making it difficult to determine whether enemy gunfire provoked the attack, according to people familiar with the government's investigation of the incident. Damage to the vehicles in the convoy has been held up by Blackwater as proof that its security guards were defending themselves against an insurgent ambush when they fired into a busy intersection, leaving 17 Iraqi civilians dead. U.S. military investigators initially found "no enemy activity involved" and the Iraqi government concluded the shootings were unprovoked.   Full Story

Did Hillary Really Win New Hampshire?

January 12, 2008
Could someone have messed with the vote in New Hampshire? That is what some people are wondering, after looking closely at the totals in the votes for surprise Democratic primary victor Hillary Clinton, and for Barack Obama, who placed instead of winning as all the polls had predicted he would. And thanks to candidate Dennis Kucinich, we are likely to find out. Kucinich today filed a request, and a required $2000 fee, to order up a manual recount of the machine ballots cast in the state. Polls taken as late as the day before the Tuesday vote showed Obama up by 10 to 15 points over Clinton, whom he had just beaten the week before in Iowa, but when the votes were counted, Clinton ended up beating Obama in New Hampshire 39.4 per cent to 36.8 per cent. In a replay of what happened in Ohio in 2004, exit polling reportedly also showed Obama to be winning the New Hampshire primary. When that's not what happened, shocked polling firms and surprised pundits, all of whom had been expecting a big Obama win, were left stumbling for explanations for the Hillary comeback from an 8 per cent drubbing in Iowa (even the Clinton campaign, whose own internal polling had predicted her defeat, were at a loss).   Full Story

'Brace Yourselves, Taxpayers! You're Going To Help
Bank Of America Finance Its Buyout Of Countrywide'

January 12, 2008
Guess who's helping Bank of America pay for its $4.1 billion purchase of Countrywide Financial? Answer: The taxpayers of the United States. That's because Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500), which is solidly profitable, will be able to use some of Countrywide's losses to offset its own taxable income. The tax break could total about half a billion dollars over the first five years, according to an estimate by tax guru Robert Willens, who left Lehman Brothers Friday after a 20-year run and will be in business as Robert Willens LLC starting next week. The losses could be worth considerably more to Bank of America starting in the sixth year, depending on how big Countrywide's losses are when Bank of America formally acquires it.   Full Story

US Court Rebuts Torture Claim By Britons

January 12, 2008
A US court Friday turned down a claim by four British former detainees that they were tortured at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp, saying accused officials acted as part of their jobs. "The alleged tortious (wrongful) conduct was incidental to the defendants' legitimate employment duties" to interrogate the suspects, Judge Karen Henderson wrote in the ruling. The four Britons were among hundreds of suspected extremists detained at the prison, many without trial, since it opened exactly six years ago to house prisoners seized abroad in the US "war on terror." Friday's ruling coincided with protests in cities around the world to mark the sixth anniversary of the prison's opening, with demonstrators calling for it to be closed and for detainees there to be tried in regular courts. The four Britons, released from Guantanamo without charge in 2004, pressed a 10-million-dollar civil suit for damages against Donald Rumsfeld -- defense secretary at the time of their detention -- and officials at Guantanamo.   Full Story

Scottsdale AZ Straw Poll 80% For Ron Paul!!
Votes Were Almost Stolen!!

January 12, 2008
We just go back from the straw poll in Scottsdale Arizona! The vote total was 515 votes. 414 went to Ron Paul 80%!! 64 for McCain 12%, 13 votes for Romney, Giuliani 7, Fred Thompson 6, Huckabee 1, and Hunter 3. My Husband, and I watched the ballot box all night. Suddenly, a group of McCain supporters took the box to count the votes without anyone noticing but us! My Husband John followed them. They went to a corner to count the votes and John jumped in to help count. They informed him that they did not need his help. He pushed his way into the group and let them know that he too would be assisting with the counting. They chose reluctantly not to argue! My husband is a cowboy and was not taking no for an answer. The pile of votes for Ron Paul was so high, that the pile kept falling over onto the John McCain pile.   Full Story

If Bin Laden Was Dead, Would The U.S. Admit It?

January 12, 2008
Translation of Funeral Article in Egyptian Paper: al-Wafd, Wednesday, December 26, 2001 Vol 15 No 4633. News of Bin Laden’s Death and Funeral 10 days ago: Islamabad - A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qa’da organization, stating that binLaden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died a natural and quiet death. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated to The Observer of Pakistan that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago. He mentioned that 30 of al-Qa’da fighters attended the burial as well as members of his family and some friends from the Taleban.   Full Story

It's Official: Kucinich Asks For New Hampshire
Recount In The Interest Of Election Integrity

January 11, 2008
Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, the most outspoken advocate in the Presidential field and in Congress for election integrity, paper-ballot elections, and campaign finance reform, has sent a letter to the New Hampshire Secretary of State asking for a recount of Tuesdays election because of unexplained disparities between hand-counted ballots and machine-counted ballots. I am not making this request in the expectation that a recount will significantly affect the number of votes that were cast on my behalf, Kucinich stressed in a letter to Secretary of State William M. Gardner. But, Serious and credible reports, allegations, and rumors have surfaced in the past few days. It is imperative that these questions be addressed in the interest of public confidence in the integrity of the election process and the election machinery not just in New Hampshire, but in every other state that conducts a primary election.   Full Story
Is This Fraud?

Security Analysis Of The Diebold
AccuVote-TS Voting Machine

January 11, 2008
Election audit procedures usually rely on precinctbased audits, in which workers manually review all paper ballots from selected polling places, but these audits can be expensive due to the labor required. This paper proposes an alternative audit strategy that allows machines to perform most of the work. Precincts are audited using auditing machines, and the output of the auditing machines is manually audited using efficient ballot sampling techniques. This strategy can achieve equal or greater confidence than precinct-based auditing at a significantly lower cost while protecting voter privacy better than previous ballot-based auditing methods. We show how to determine which ballots to audit against the auditing machines' records and compare this new approach to precinct-based audits in the context of Virginia's November 2006 election. Far fewer ballots need to be audited by hand using our approach. We also explore extensions to these techniques, such as varying individual ballots' audit probabilities based on the votes they contain, that promise further efficiency gains.   Full Story

Votefraud Obama And Paul In New Hampshire?
It Would Only Be History Repeating

January 11, 2008
The world is puzzled by the sudden surge of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. For Barack Obama a seven point victory was predicted, yet he lost by three. How could the polls be so wrong? One important thing I learned from writing my 16 part series on (electronic) voting is that polling is a near science and that when the 'real' numbers, i.e. the voting results, all of a sudden differ widely from these polls there is a big chance there is a dead rat nearby. It seems to happen every time when voting results tend to go in a direction that deviates too far off the status quo. The opening of an article by Fox News yesterday seems like not much is learned from the past: 'Voters in New Hampshire weren't wrong about who they wanted to be the next Democratic presidential nominee, but the pundits, pollsters and even the campaigns completely missed the mark in the run-up to Tuesday's vote'.
Full Story

California Toll Agency Wants Power To Seize Cars

January 11, 2008
Toll road officials in San Francisco, California want the authority to seize any vehicle accused of "cheating" on toll payments. A Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) presentation yesterday called for new powers that would ensure that the agency collected the maximum amount of revenue each year. BATA will ask the state legislature to adopt legislation granting BATA the authority to locate and tow away any vehicle it says has not paid up. It also would like the authority to revoke the driver's license of a vehicle owner accused of not paying a notice of violation. Despite the tough talk, however, the tolling agency grudgingly admits some violations are not actually the fault of the motorist.   Full Story

We'll Nuke Iran - Bush Promises Israel

January 11, 2008
US President George W. Bush promised Israel's opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu that the United States will join the Jewish state in a nuclear strike against Iran, Israel Radio reported today. Former Prime Minister Netanyahu, opposition Likud party's hardline chairman who opposes the US-backed Annapolis peace process, reiterated to President Bush his stance, that a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran's nuclear installations was the only way to stop the Islamic nation's nuclear weapons ambitions. "I told him my position and Bush agreed," Netanyahu told Israel Radio. During their 45-minute meeting at King David hotel in Jerusalem Netanyahu also told Bush that "Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people and will remain under Israeli sovereignty for eternity." President Bush issued a stark warning to Iran over Strait of Hormuz incident, saying that "all options are on the table to protect our assets."   Full Story

Voter Fraud Against Paul Confirmed in Sutton, N.H.

January 9, 2008
According to a post this evening on the Ron Paul Forums, vote fraud occurred in Sutton, New Hampshire: Sutton with 100% reporting reported 0 votes for paul but poster in Sutton posted: My mom, aunt, and dad all voted for RP today in my hometown, My mom and aunt both work passing out ballots, and checking them off. I just looked at the politico map and it says their town has ZERO votes for Ron. Now i know that there isn’t corruption on voting in that little town, so where they reported it must be. What do I do, anyone know??? Originally Posted by sstjean View Post. This was posted to ronpaul-801 tonight: “This town numbers are wrong wrong wrong on this map. I am from Sutton originally and my parents and one aunt all voted for Ron Paul today and Sutton says 0. So this is wrong. This is a town that had 20 people counting the ballots and I have no reason to believe that they cheated. Small town and I was born and raised there. The real numbers will come in by morning. The electronic machines in the big towns are the ones we have to worry about.”   Full Story

Exposure Of Fox Pollster Betrays
Media Slant Against Ron Paul

January 8, 2008
Frank Luntz, a political pollster who regularly appears on Fox news' presidential race analysis and has been heavily criticized for his manipulative methods and slanted coverage, has finally been exposed for the fraud he is after it emerged that his "randomly selected" and "undecided" focus groups, that constitute the figures for his news features, are being populated by the same people months apart from each other. The same man appeared twice, four months apart, as part of Luntz's and Fox's post-GOP debate "random" focus group! Luntz describes his profession as "testing language and finding words that will help his clients sell their product or turn public opinion on an issue or a candidate." He has won hundreds of polls for private corporations and lobbying groups but is better known for his work with Republican politicians.   Full Story

Ron Paul: Congress Should
Be Allowed To Read Bills

January 8, 2008
One Christmas tradition Congress could do without is the broken process of passing the annual Omnibus Spending Bill, which we recently did right before the holiday recess. Every December Congress fights and argues over spending and never seems to be able to pass the necessary appropriations until the very last minute. There is panic and threats of government shut downs and reduction in essential services. And they always threaten the essential services, as if there is no waste they could possibly eliminate instead. This past December, right on cue the administration warned about dire civilian defense department layoffs if the money didn't come soon. And so at the very last minute the Omnibus was rushed through in a whirlwind, just in time to save the day. Members of Congress had less than 24 hours to read the nearly 3,500 page bill before a vote was taken. The bill was supposedly much too important to waste time reading it.   Full Story

The Israel Resolution

January 8, 2008
Ron Paul Before the U.S. House of Representatives, July 20, 2006. I rise in opposition to this resolution, which I sincerely believe will do more harm than good. I do agree with the resolution's condemnation of violence. But I am convinced that when we get involved in foreign conflicts and send strong messages, such as this resolution will, it ends up expanding the war rather than diminishing the conflict, and that ultimately comes back to haunt us. Mr. Speaker, I follow a policy in foreign affairs called non-interventionism. I do not believe we are making the United States more secure when we involve ourselves in conflicts overseas. The Constitution really doesn't authorize us to be the policemen of the world, much less to favor one side over another in foreign conflicts. It is very clear, reading this resolution objectively, that all the terrorists are on one side and all the victims and the innocents are on the other side. I find this unfair, particularly considering the significantly higher number of civilian casualties among Lebanese civilians. I would rather advocate neutrality rather than picking sides, which is what this resolution does.   Full Story

Sibel 'Names Names' (In Pictures!)

January 7, 2008
Sibel Edmonds is the most gagged person in US history. The government has repeatedly invoked the State Secrets Privilege in her case - not for reasons of 'national security' but to hide ongoing criminal activity. Please call your congressman and demand public open hearings into Edmonds' case and the State Secrets Privilege. Over at Sibel's website, she has published "Sibel Edmonds' State Secrets Privilege Gallery" - twenty one photos of people. Sibel doesn't say anything about the photos - or the people in the photos - but we can reasonably presume that they are the 21 guilty people in her case. Sibel has broken the photos into three different groups. The first group contains current and former Pentagon and State Department officials.   Full Story

For Sale: West's Deadly Nuclear Secrets

January 7, 2008
A Whistleblower has made a series of extraordinary claims about how corrupt government officials allowed Pakistan and other states to steal nuclear weapons secrets. Sibel Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency's Washington field office. She approached The Sunday Times last month after reading about an Al-Qaeda terrorist who had revealed his role in training some of the 9/11 hijackers while he was in Turkey. Edmonds described how foreign intelligence agents had enlisted the support of US officials to acquire a network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions. Among the hours of covert tape recordings, she says she heard evidence that one well-known senior official in the US State Department was being paid by Turkish agents in Washington who were selling the information on to black market buyers, including Pakistan.   Full Story

The AIPAC Spy Trial: A Case
Of Prosecutus Interruptus

January 7, 2008
I've been covering the AIPAC spy case since CBS broke the story of US secrets stolen by top officials of Israel's number one Washington lobbyist, way back in late summer of 2004. Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin, AIPAC honcho Steven Rosen, and the Lobby's number one Iran specialist, Keith Weissman, were indicted on August 4, 2005. Franklin pleaded guilty, and, in a deal with the government, promised to testify at the trial of his co-conspirators, Rosen and Weissman, in exchange for leniency: depending on his performance at the upcoming trial, he may get his 12-year sentence reduced considerably. That is, if the trial ever takes place. I've been on this case since day one, but even I've lost count of how many times the trial has been delayed, for one made-up-sounding reason or another.   Full Story

WTPRN's Randy Kelton Arrested While Filing A Complaint Against A Texas Sheriff's Deputy

January 6, 2008
A crusader against alleged police corruption took his campaign to Williamson County today, and he wound up staying longer than he had planned. Randy Kelton was arrested at the Williamson County Justice Center in Georgetown late this afternoon after an altercation with Georgetown police. Kelton is a radio talk show host who regularly files complaints against peace officers, prosecutors and even judges around the state. On Friday, Kelton was planning to file a complaint against a Williamson County sheriff's deputy who allegedly arrested a suspect for driving while intoxicated in Travis County -- out of his jurisdiction -- and then took her to jail in Williamson County.   Full Story And Video Here

NH GOP Withdraws from FOX Forum on 1/6

January 5, 2008
CONCORD - New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen releases the following statement regarding Sunday's Republican forum on FOX: "The first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary serves a national purpose by giving all candidates an equal opportunity on a level playing field. Only in New Hampshire do lesser known, lesser funded underdogs have a fighting chance to establish themselves as national figures. Consistent with that tradition, we believe all recognized major candidates should have an equal opportunity to participate in pre-primary debates and forums. This principle applies to tonight's debates on ABC as well as Sunday's planned forum on FOX. The New Hampshire Republican Party believes Congressmen Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter should be included in the FOX forum on Sunday evening. Our mutual efforts to resolve this difference have failed. While we understand that FOX News continues to move forward it is with regret, the New Hampshire Republican Party hereby withdraws as a partner in this forum."   Source

New Spot: "Troops Support Ron Paul"

January 5, 2008
Republican Ron Paul is out with a new TV ad, set to run in New Hampshire through Tuesday's primary, stressing his military credentials. Patriotic music booms. Soldiers salute. The announcer begins: "A proud military veteran who served our nation. Ron Paul salutes and supports our troops who protect and defend our freedom." A flag waves. The announcer continues, "But who do the troops support? Ron Paul. The record shows they're standing up for him." The ad concludes: "Ron Paul is their choice for commander-in-chief." His campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said Paul "has long been a praised as staunch advocate for veterans' issues." Still, he "wants to bring the troops home from Iraq" because he would rather America "never again sends out brave soldiers to war unless doing so is necessary for our defense," according to Benton. Whether his anti-war message will appeal to New Hampshire veterans is hard to say.   Source
Troops Support Ron Paul

Can You Count On Voting Machines?

January 6, 2008
As the primaries start in New Hampshire this week and roll on through the next few months, the erratic behavior of voting technology will once again find itself under a microscope. In the last three election cycles, touch-screen machines have become one of the most mysterious and divisive elements in modern electoral politics. Introduced after the 2000 hanging-chad debacle, the machines were originally intended to add clarity to election results. But in hundreds of instances, the result has been precisely the opposite: they fail unpredictably, and in extremely strange ways; voters report that their choices "flip" from one candidate to another before their eyes; machines crash or begin to count backward; votes simply vanish. (In the 80-person town of Waldenburg, Ark., touch-screen machines tallied zero votes for one mayoral candidate in 2006 - even though he's pretty sure he voted for himself.) Most famously, in the November 2006 Congressional election in Sarasota, Fla., touch-screen machines recorded an 18,000-person "undervote" for a race decided by fewer than 400 votes.   Full Story


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