Understanding the History Channel Hit piece

By Jack Blood

It wasn't so much what they said, but what they didn't say.

On August 20th 2007 a "Program" aired on GE's History Channel titled 9/11 Conspiracies - Fact or Fiction. Word had already leaked out that this was a laughable hit piece centered around Popular Mechanics. (Hearst Publishing - synonymous with Yellow Journalism, and already guilty of using the tragedy of the USS Maine to inflame patriotism to wage a war with Spain in 1898, the same Hearst Publishing who holds a controlling stake in the History Channel via its stake in the A & E Television Network.)

Having watched many a History Channel Documentary I am quite familiar with their format. Raise the charges, er... "conspiracies" - then give the shills, er... "experts" the final say poo pooing the evidence and theories. Case closed. (Posner reference intended)

Before debunking the "debunkers" we should look at the positives, and being the eternal optimist I can always find something positive in almost every situation. Take 911 for example. Without it many of us would still be asleep and plugged firmly into the Matrix. Without discovering 911 as a fear based mind control program many of us would still be unaware of the myriad of other programs running perpetually, such as Fiat currency, security for liberty, global government, social engineering, or weapons of mass distraction.

As the show opened I couldn't help but say to myself that they are doing our work for us, as they showed much of the footage that speaks for itself. They ask some of the questions we have been pushing to be asked for 6 years, and they posted polls showing that the "movement" is monolithic, mammoth, and growing by the second. So all of this can be seen as a plus for the Freedom Movement (Maybe this is hard to comprehend for "truthers" who are generally leaders and not followers, but the average person takes their cues on what to believe by their environment, and what leaders are doing around them. If large numbers of the populace believe there was a cover up then its OK for them to buy it as well. And we are off. A new fad is born... Baaabaaaa baaa baa)

Many people were mentioned who had done exhaustive research on 911 - Webster Tarpley, Loose Change, David Ray Griffin, Alex Jones, 911 Mysteries: Sofia, Thierry Meyssan, and others... (They also used many people who are not as reliable.)

I truly believe that our biggest problem with 911Truth is still the fact that many people have never heard of it. We shouldn't live in such a bubble that we think everyone can find us on the web and everyone has had a crack at the debate. So this propaganda and disinfo special has some merit in that many people might be moved to check out some of the work and some of the claims regarding 911. It will also have the opposite effect. Because the desire to think for ourselves has been all but drummed out of a large chunk of society (30% of people polled think Bush did a great job on Katrina) … They will automatically shut down under a controlled dogmatic response to any notion that doesn't jive with the Popular Mechanics AKA GE explanation of events, they were told that we are liars so why bother listening to the facts.

As for the negative aspects of the program, there are many.

1) No mention of WHO BENEFITS? This would be GE (General Electric and its executives and employees gave more than 70% of their campaign contributions to Bush and the Republicans in the last election cycle. They have been paid back in spades with somewhere around a Billion per year in contracts for the Wars.), The Carlyle Group, Bechtel, DynCorp are among others who have profited in record numbers from the Wars, the surveillance society, and FEAR.

No mention of the drills that were running in sync with the highjackings, which by "coincidence" mimicked the live event. Drills were also running "coincidentally" during the London Underground Bombings... NO mention of Steven Jones research into how the WTC buildings fell. Specifically the forensic evidence of Thermate being used in the demolition of the towers and Building 7. No mention of the eternal fires and pools molten metal swirling under the rubble for weeks.

No mention of the 47 core columns creating redundancy in Buildings 1 & 2. No mention of George Bush's peculiar behavior and non action upon hearing about the "Attack." No mention of the FBI sting operation in the 1993 attack on the WTC. No mention of the ISI connections and ISI director-general Lt-Gen Mahmud Ahmed who allegedly wired 100K to Mohammad Atta before 911, and on the morning of Sept. 11, Porter Goss and Senator Graham were having breakfast with the Pakistani general, Mahmud Ahmed. That's OK though I guess because the 911 Commission didn't mention this either. And for that matter No mention of potential bribes by Pakistan to the 911 commission… Not a word about George H. W. Bush spending the morning of 9/11/2001 meeting with Osama Bin Laden's brother at a Carlyle Group meeting. No mention of Marvin Bush's company Securacom running "security" for the WTC and Dulles Airport et al… No mention of the fact that no Muslims were on the flight manifests on ANY of the planes. No mention the fact that most of the evidence was sent to China immediately after locating the Nova Scotia Gold in the rubble. No mention of the UNOCAL oil pipeline deals though Afghanistan… or the troops that were amassed on the border of Afghanistan BEFORE 911. Not a peep about the "Airlift of Evil" or the incident at Tora Bora where Bin Laden was allowed to escape, which is covered extensively in "911 Press for Truth."

No mention of Michael Springman - former consulate officer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where 15 of the 19 terrorist hijackers obtained visas - and his testimony about being forced to give clearance to potential terrorists while working with the Saudi Arabian Embassy…

No mention of the FOIA notes from Rummy telling his aid minutes after the Pentagon attack to blame this on OBL and Saddam Hussein, "Go massive . . . Sweep it all up. Things related and not."

No mention of the high level authorities out for 911 truth. No mention of the fact that the Bush Administration did everything in their power to stop the investigation into 911, only losing in the end to the FAMILIES of the victims, and why no mention of the victims family members, and first responders who are with 911 truth????? Nope... Nothing.

What does NBC, the History Channel, and Popular Mechanics have to hide? Are they just lazy or are they just not interested in answering these questions because they cannot answer these questions with anything other than, "Conspiracy Theorists hate a vacuum."

2) Prior Knowledge was addressed but whitewashed like much of the information brought up on the program. The fact that many FBI agents were trying to warn their Superiors about Muslims learning to fly and not land was omitted, as was the fact that the pentagon had on its own web site a plan to highjack planes and fly them into that building, yet were still completely caught with their jockey shorts down… This of course wasn't "appropriate" for the format. Condi rice, "never once did we consider that planes would be used to attack the US." This was an outright LIE! We know that now. One would assume from the official version of 9/11 that the FBI had no idea that an attack was imminent. Yet evidence points to the contrary. Dave Frasca, head of the Radical Fundamentalist Unit of the FBI, sat on five different investigations which dealt with 9/11. He forbid agents from looking at Moussaoui's laptop after he was arrested, while at the same time failing to pass on information dealing with flight schools and Al Qaeda. He stonewalled on three further investigations involved in the plot. Frasca was not the only one blocking FBI probes into Al Qaeda. FBI agents have gone on the record saying that their investigations into the Bin Laden family were thwarted by the White House, under the executive order W199I. After 9/11 Dave Frasca was promoted.

3) As much as I love Torin Wolf, why wasn't Richard Gage, or AE911truth used to detail why the building fell and how? Torin did a decent job but did anyone notice the titled under the participants? Torin Wolf who is a combat veteran and demolitions expert was titled as "Nurse." Lt Col Bob Bowman was listed as a "former USAF Pilot" and not Head of the "Star Wars program" under two presidents; who was highly decorated, and is one of the nation's foremost experts on national security. Oh that's right Bowman is a kook because he doesn't agree with "experts" like James Meigs.

4) How did James Meigs (who was completely destroyed on my radio show DEADLINE LIVE) become an "expert." When did we anoint his young man servant Davin whatever as an "expert?"

I brought up a lot of this in MY interview with the producers, which likely explains why I wasn't included. Could it be that WE are the debunkers, and THEY are the conspiracy theorists? I have said this all along!

The list of abuses could continue for several pages here. But I think you get the picture. At least the program didn't get into pods, holograms, and directed energy beams, or space aliens...Though they did try to label us as anti Semites, and unstable paranoid freaks.

Stating that our government is totally incompetent doesn't do much to quell my "paranoid delusions." With wide open borders, ports, and most of our military overseas or burned out... What will stop another "Attack?" (The answer is YOU and I) Even if this wouldn't necessarily constitute weakness with our national security, the fact that the same incompetent leaders that allowed or caused 911 to happen are still on the job is less than comforting.

All in all I still believe that this attempt at another whitewash by NBC will backfire! The snowball is already rolling downhill, and nothing short of the truth will stop it from growing and rolling over Meigs, GE, the Bush and Clinton crime families, and the New World Order.

So maybe there is no such thing as bad publicity after all.

Stay on message and STAY BOLD!


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