(All In A Days Work)

It was a full moon over the Alamo in San Antonio Texas. We are not describing an old Louis Lamour novel, but the backdrop for the Ron Paul for President 2008 fundraiser that was attended by over 500 loyal supporters as Congressman Paul stood and delivered once again for the USA.

Dr. Paul's presence at the Buckhorn museum was electric over the set of 100s of stuffed game and wildlife trophies, enough so to freak out any card carrying PETA uber - liberal, and poignant enough to give hope to all Texans who have cast their lot and soon their ballots for the good Dr.

Heard throughout the evening in exuberant circles, "We really might win in Iowa," and "New Hampshire is ours." Even the stuffed sheep (a metaphor that was hard to miss for anyone) seemed to agree… Ron Paul is the hottest thing to hit the internet since Loose Change 2!

At the upstairs auction two dedicated and determined fans bid on a Ron Paul signed copy of the constitution, which after much cheering back and forth went for over $4000.00 and had the crowd riled up in perfect concert to the speech by Dr. Paul which soon followed as a crescendo.

This was no stump speech as the people received a heart felt delivery, loaded with rapturous applause reminiscent of Bobby Kennedy's final oration at the Roosevelt Hotel. (Thankfully with a better outcome, something one always contemplates when witnessing Ron Paul speak in public)

"The time for worrying about an exit plan was BEFORE we went in to Iraq," said Paul speaking from the sweeping staircase. Talking about the wasteful spending of our nanny state, Paul went on to compare his fundraising for President as an example of how he would lead the country; "We raised 2.4 Million in the last quarter because we didn't waste your money on silly campaign ads, and giant entourages" (we paraphrase). Needless to say the Congressman brought the house, er… the Museum down. Cue the lights.

Is it any wonder that the Ron Paul Campaign is gaining so much momentum while many of the other campaigns are stalling and dying? What a show, what a night.

Little did we know that the night was just beginning for many of us, and it was about to be a very long night indeed for Ed and Elaine Brown and their faithful in Plainfield New Hampshire, where Dr Paul will battle it out for the GOP nomination in the primary January 2008.

While standing outside The Buckhorn after the event, Kevin Smith and Danny Romero from the "We The People Radio Network" were discussing with Ron Paul and his spokesman Jesse Benton, plans to get unfiltered news to our listening audience to better promote the campaign. We then received a phone call from Mike Knarr of WeAreChange.org to inform us that he just received a call from Ed and Elaine Brown supporter Danny Riley. Riley was reporting that 30-40 shots were fired from the wooded area that surrounds the Brown residence and instructed Knaar to make contact with WTPRN. Also on hand after the fundraiser was popular radio talk show host Jack Blood of Genesis Communications who was immediately informed of the unfolding situation.

Since WTPRN is the only alternative radio network set-up and equipped with state of the art broadcasting systems, which allows them to go live at a moments notice, Ed and Elaine Brown decided to make contact. Because of our coverage of the Brown's press conference in June and our logistical organization of the "Live Free or Die Concert" they agreed then that we would be the most reliable source to get their message out live in an emergency situation. We immediately contacted the studio in Austin and began the live broadcasting of the Brown's situation (Archives Here).

The live WTPRN coverage began before midnight with Jason Worsley and continued with Torin Wolf and Terry Melton after the Worsley show ended. Torin and Terry having just returned from a 2 week media assignment at the Brown's residence began their coverage with Danny Riley calling in live from the Brown's home. They immediately began receiving crank calls from internet pranksters who are often are mobilized because of their lack of sophistication and understanding of psychological operations. Could they have been set into motion by a professional infiltrator of their internet group? This tactic has been coined: Gang Stalking. The Intelligence community is quite adept at sicking seemingly innocuous pranksters on it's targets, and the timing of these dedicated attacks has to be noted here.

Torin was soon joined by talk show veteran Jack Blood and producer Kevin Smith who helped clarify the power of WTPRN's system to identify troublemakers, and to also bring listeners up to the minute updates from the Brown's direct off air contact with Jack Blood at his home in Austin.

What followed next was a 7 hour odyssey which included on the fly reports of constantly updated info contributed by Mike Knaar, and various live callers. Among the callers who were genuinely concerned for the welfare of those under siege and psychological warfare in NH, many of whom added great insight, were over 500 prank calls from an internet stalking group with a nefarious track record of shutting down systems and discussion. They, for the sake of this article shall remain nameless, but thanks to the outstanding resources of www.jackbloodforum.com and the Revere Radio Network, we know who they are and were able to intercept their chat logs. We were one step ahead of them most of the night and they didn't have a clue until Jack Blood blew their little game live on air near the end of the broadcast by revealing the attacker's phone numbers captured by WTPRN's proprietary phone bridge. Some of this chat verged on Cyber Terrorism, and the participants bragged about shutting down several prominent websites that could've been used for resources throughout the night. These included www.prisonplanet.com and www.loosechange911.com

The broadcast itself heard worldwide included 2004 Presidential candidate, and nominee of the Libertarian Party Michael Badnarik. Michael is also a host on the We The People Radio Network, and was in San Antonio with us just hours earlier. Soon WTPRN host Alex Ansary also joined in.

Like a movie thriller we were all on the edge of our seats as the Browns et al were seemingly pinned down in the main house, locked and loaded, and live on the air for most of the evening / morning. A series of events were heard real time by all who tuned in, from unidentified persons sneaking around and near the house, to the rocking and shaking of a trailer on the property occupied by long time Brown supporter "Jim." (Later Jim exhibited the ultimate in courage by walking into the night from said trailer to the main house stating, "I am unarmed. Go ahead and shoot me you cowards!"

We rode shotgun with the Browns throughout as Jack Blood continued to offer suggestions to Elaine Brown off the air. One of those suggestions was enthusiastically accepted as Ed Brown launched a parallel Psychological Warfare Op by bull horning the alleged federal agents hiding like snakes in the deep forest.

Eventually the fog rolled in and dawn cast the light that sent the snakes scurrying back to their nests. Alas we had seen the Browns through another night. Just one more night and one more day following for the Browns to seek the answer to their challenge….


By Jack Blood and Danny Romero


© 2007 We The People Radio Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved